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We're always searching for new ways to "win" by driving customer value, achieving successful outcomes, and finding new and exciting ways to connect with the fans.

Driving value through insights & data

Just like a GM looks to maximize their team's expected performance within a budget, we are driven to create the best venue we can within your budget. We offer insights to maximize your project's impact on the community, adjacent developments, the fan experience, and player training and development. And we use data to drive decisions by replicating the strategies you use for maximizing on-field performance. Data-driven decisions improve your venue by allowing you to benchmark your facility’s program against peers in your market, league, and in the sports industry at large.


Building your legacy

Building a sports project serves a much bigger purpose than the bottom line; it impacts the social fabric of our communities. Your new facility will serve as the sacred home of a team—not just today, but for generations of die-hard fans to come. At Mortenson, we’re well aware that most of our customers will only build one sports venue in their career. We want to guide you through the process, allowing our expertise to be your "easy button." The decisions and outcomes resulting from a new facility will have an outsized impact on the community and set a new benchmark for the entire sports industry.

Redefining our approach 

The days of "one size fits all" sports venues are behind us. This insight is especially important for maximizing gameday revenues. One of the ways Mortenson is redefining technology in construction is recognizing that there can be multiple beneficiaries of our innovations. For example, we create virtual mock-ups and animated 3D models to help our project teams schedule and plan the phasing of construction work. This becomes a valuable sales and fundraising tool for our customers—what better way to "sell" a new venue than by helping your fans and donors imagine themselves in their future seats? 


Having lived in a few very different parts of the country, I love to fully immerse myself in the different communities and I can appreciate what makes each unique. It has provided me with valuable experience (professionally and educationally), an appreciation for different cultures, and a better understanding of myself.

I’ve used these travels to immerse myself in the local Major League Soccer (MLS) markets and have developed a huge passion for MLS. Given this extensive background and my love for the game, it's exciting to see Mortenson influence the future of soccer in America by building state-of-the-art, soccer-specific facilities across the country.


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  • Soccer + all sports
  • Cultural exploration


10 years

The success at the Nashville SC Stadium is an embodiment of the values and success of Mortenson Sports + Entertainment: an impressively clean job site, tracking on schedule, and with SWMBE and workforce participation results far exceeding the project goals.